The audiobook is now available

Narrated by the accomplished stage actor, Philip Battley, the audiobook is now on sale through Audible (an Amazon company) in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany as well as on iTunes.

Before connecting with Philip I had concerns that the book would be a challenge to narrate, as it touches on many different domains including business, scientific, literary and historical, and it quotes authors from diverse places. Rather than saying, “open quotes…” and then “close quotes” I figured the text would be easier to follow by employing a variety of different accents. Philip mastered the many accents effortlessly and he had no trouble with unusual words — likely because of his experience playing many different characters on the stage and screen, as well as because he studied politics and sociology at Cambridge University. 

Listeners have been commenting how the book sparks many associations with their own personal experiences. While listening to Philip my advice is to let your thoughts wander and not worry about missing sections. Use the book as a starting point for reconfiguring your personal landscapes of comprehension.

The book follows a narrative arc and following it requires a degree of concentration.  The ideas in the later sections about tribal behaviors, politics and religion build off the earlier chapters that describe human biology. If you lose the thread between the different chapters you can go back and replay the sections you daydreamed through. The audiobook presents many ideas that are tightly packed so it is unlikely to get boring. You’ll hear new points that you missed the first time around.

Once you have listened to the book please connect with me to discuss your perspectives on whatever you consider significant.