I have started on the podcast circuit to promote my book and its core ideas. This gives me practice in expressing myself about the many, sometimes nuanced, topics the book touches on.

Teachers and academics have opportunities to debate their ideas with colleagues and students to refine their delivery. The ideas I write about are the result of reading books, papers and many years of quiet introspection. I have rarely discussed them, even with close friends, and therefore I need to experiment with different ways of expressing myself to get my point across.

My plan is to start with podcasts that are general interest and slowly work up to those that are focussed on specialized subject areas including those that cover the frontlines of scientific research and epistemology. Then I’ll be ready for Joe Rogan.

Andrea Samadi hosts the Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning podcast that Extrapolator is a podcast about the intersection between science and philosophy. The first season was lovingly written and meticulously produced by Geoff Allen a Dubliner studying at Utrecht University. Impressed by its sophistication I sent him an email and we recorded a chat which he has just uploaded.

He grills me about consilience and we get into deep matters including mathematics and the impossibility of objectivity.

Andrea Samadi hosts the Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning podcast that explores tools, resources and ideas for parents, teachers and employees to improve well-being, achievement and productivity. We discussed the implications of consilience for educators.
During the workday Vinny Vallarine is a software engineer in the defense industry. In his spare time he is a deep-thinker about intelligence and the state of society – as well as being a dutiful husband and father. During this Unlatched Mind episode, which he titled Seeing the World Differently through Consilience we touch on the problem with our universities, our political system, artificial intelligence, and how both people and dogs are conscious.

A 30 minute discussion with Dr. Nicole Gravagna who has a PhD in neurophysiology and UB with a degree in biology which touched on tribalism and hiring practices. They state, Nicole “really got to geek out about a read that is illuminating, packs so much, and might take a few reads to really “understand everything.” But once you get there, you will see the world in a new light, and in particular, how we interact with each other.”
Clinical psychology doctoral student, Randon Heim went deep with Tom Beakbane on the definition of science, vaccines and black lives matter on the Don’t Worry We’ll Talk it Out podcast.
“The Shafe” had a long career as a DJ on leading radio stations in the Greater Toronto area and then a general manager of StarTV. Now retired from corporate media he works with community groups to promote discourse and community wellbeing.
Executive coach and corporate culture expert, Larry Olsen produces The Mindset Playbook. When he started reading How to Understand Everything he was fearful that he’d need to throw out many ideas he had learned from psychology textbooks. While consilience undermines many traditional ways of thinking he stated, “What you offer is so refreshing. You’re an in-your-face kind of guy that states ‘don’t limit me with your beliefs.’” See the Aperno website.

Tony Curl is a leadership coach, avid rugby fan and host of Today’s Leader, a podcast that counsels leaders with plain-speaking language characteristic of Aussies… Don’t be an A-Hole. He highlighted this line from our chat: “The More we Understand the More we Realize How Little we Know.”
Chris Shelton is an ex-Scientologist and a crusader against cults on the Sensibly Speaking podcast.

A discussion with Steve Gore, a corporate trainer in the U.K. The Koap Bitesized podcast is an informal look at the human condition, with people who are fascinated by psychology, neuroscience and all things curious about people.

Recorded March 7, 2021, I discussed culture, race, physics & aliens with Bobby Neptune, a rapper and physics nerd from the 8th planet now residing in Buffalo. He called the episode Tom Finn and Bobby Sawyer.
Two young guys from Staten Island, Lorenzo Damore and Angelo Bouziotis, engaging in free thinking and unfiltered conversations about life, science, business, health, philosophy, and news. They titled the episode: What the Fuck is Consilience?

Tom’s first podcast with tech entrepreneur Gurmeet Judge.