Tom Beakbane is president of Beakbane: Brand Strategies and Communications, a company that has delivered over 20,000 projects to Fortune 500 customers since 1986. 

He resurrected the concept of consilience after attempting to account for the gap between textbook theories of human behavior and his experiences creating marketing communications. He closed the gap by tapping into his passion for understanding developments at the frontiers of science. 

He has an honors degree in biochemistry and neurophysiology from Durham University in England.

His perspectives have been honed in business practice where ideas live or die according to their efficacy in getting people to act in ways that enable leaders to achieve their goals. This marketplace of ideas contrasts with how ideas are filtered in academic setting. The book introduces eight insights that are original and not found in other books dealing with science and human understanding.

He lives near Toronto, Canada with his wife. They have two daughters.

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