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Are you sometimes puzzled by how people behave?

There is a new way to understand human beings — and everything else.

It’s known as consilience.

Consilience is a new paradigm that reveals how things self-organize from the bottom up – in contrast to how we think and communicate, which is from the top down. 

This new paradigm exposes the realities of human nature on both personal and collective levels revealing the overlap between different domains of life: family, health, business, technology, politics, and spirituality.

If you are a parent, an educator, a consultant, a business leader or hold positions of authority it is empowering to know the realities of how people think — which is very different to how we were taught. 

Consilience will help you see human behavior differently – and make people less puzzling.


Brilliant. A must read. — Michael F. Blair, B.A., M.B.A., ICD.D

An important contribution to society’s needed bottom up thinking and action. — Alan Middleton PhD. Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Marketing, Schulich School of Business, and Executive Director 

The most sophisticated, eloquent, exciting, mind-expanding non-fiction book I’ve ever read! It’s certainly the best researched. — John Puffer

Beakbane’s driving prose demonstrates that true wisdom lies in the power of connecting ideas from different domains, not quarantining them. I am still vibrating from the power of this book. — Tim Hurson, author of the bestselling book, Think Better: An Innovator’s Guide to Productive Thinking 

A must read that will stretch your mind – guaranteed! — David Kincaid, author of The Brand-Driven CEO 

“I raised my eyebrows when I read the title of this book … and found it provocative and delightful. Beakbane’s knowledge is wide, his prose is clear, and his ability to make connections is powerful. I’m wiser for having finished this book.” — Michael Bungay Stanier, author of the WSJ bestseller The Coaching Habit

A refreshing, thought provoking way to look at science and other realms of life.” — Dr. Daniel Kaute PhD.

Meet the author & discuss consilience

Tom Beakbane is president of Beakbane: Brand Strategies and Communications, a company that has delivered over 20,000 projects to Fortune 500 customers since 1986.

He resurrected the concept of consilience after attempting to account for the gap between textbook theories of human behavior and his experiences creating marketing communications. He closed the gap by tapping into his passion for understanding developments at the frontiers of science.

He has an honors degree in biochemistry and neurophysiology from Durham University in England.

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Tom Beakbane

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